Under 3 lbs but powerful! Traction pulling strength is 2,000 lbs. A simple tool to operate, the RAC155 is equipped with nosepieces to install 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" & 3/16" rivets in any metal. Spent mandrels when ejected through the rear of the tool fall into a slotted container for the operators' safety. With a fully adjustable jaw case, it is easy to maintain & very user friendly.
Big brother to the RAC155, it weighs in at 4 lbs. Traction pulling strength is 2,500 lbs & is ready to install 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16" & 1/4" diameter rivets in any metal. An adjustable jaw case assures a smooth changeover to any size rivet. Also equipped with the safety container for spent mandrels.
Our most powerful tool, fully equipped with vacuum and mandrel ejector systems ready to take on heavy production loads. As powerful as the RAC165 but with a whole lot more! A vacuum & automatic ejection system make this the only tool for heavy production settings. The vacuum holds the rivet in place, leaving the operator with a free hand. The mandrel ejection system readies the tool for the next rivet without the operator having to do anything. RAC170 comes equipped with accessory jaws & nosepieces to install Magnalock & Monobolt rivets.
Our most popular power riveter. The RAC180 tool is equipped with the same vacuum & automatic ejection system as the RAC170, but is designed to install a more commercial mix of sizes. RAC180 will install 3/32" - 3/16" diameter rivets in any metal & 1/4" diameter in aluminum & steel. A button trigger makes the RAC180 easy to use & fast. The convenient hanging clip make it suitable for overhead & tool track systems. Just over 4 lbs but very reliable in high production settings.
An economical tool in more ways than one. An ideal choice when working on a small compressor or limited air supply. The dual trigger buttons on the RAC210 allow the operator to turn the vacuum on & off with the push of the button, saving the compressed air for when you need it. The sloping design of the cylinder means it was built for comfort & to lessen operator fatigue. Handles rivets in all metals up to 5/32" & 3/16" in aluminum. Weight 3.3 lbs
All the power & versatility of the RAC180 tool, but even better! RAC2200 separates the nose of the tool from the weight of the tool body. The operator carries only 2.75 lbs, but the tool actually gains power. The "tank" brings the air source to within 6 feet of the riveter increasing the pulling power to 3,000 lbs, & decreasing recycle time.


Deep recesses are no problem for the RAC180 tool with the extended frameheads. Two lengths are available: 130MM (5") & 210MM (8.25").


No special adapters are required. Two lengths available: 15MM (.590") & 21 MM (.825"). When ordering, please specify the diameter nosepiece & length required.

* A longer mandrel may be needed when using extended nosepieces.
Use the Rivet Capacity Chart to choose a series of hand tools & power tools that will work with your specified fastener.

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