A lightweight but rugged tool for installing Rivet-Nuts up to 3/8-16 in aluminum and 1/4-20 in steel (LF Series 1/4-20 (aluminum only). Also available in metric (KJ10-M) with adapter to 8mm. Our new Kit; Model KJ10-ASFK comes in a sturdy metal case with 10 each aluminum SF Series Rivet-Nuts sizes 6-32 through 1/4-20, 6 each 5/16-18 and 3/8-16
Our 360 Swivel Head Model solves the problem of difficult or awkward applications. At only 5/8", the slim nose of the KJ12 gives the operator an even greater advantage. Handles 6-32 through 1/4-20 rivet-nuts in aluminum or steel (1/4-20 LF in aluminum only) The molded carrying case protects the tool when not in use and keeps accessories at hand. Also available in a combination kit, Model KJ12-CK, for installing blind rivets. Available in Metric Model KJ12M
Packaged in a sturdy metal case, the KJ28 will handle any steel rivet-nut up to 3/8-16 with ease. Adjusting the stroke length is hassle free; no special wrenches or complicated tear down required. Also available in metric model KJ28-M. Yankee Screwdriver allows semi-production mode with ease.

Use the Rivet-Nut Capacity Chart to choose a series of hand tools & power tools that will work with your specified fastener.

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