Rivet-Nuts are the best solution for thin materials requiring captive threads. Installed from one side, this single operation eliminates the need for more costly & complex methods of creating internal threads. Available in various sizes, Rivet-Nuts can be used in any ridged surface without concern for damaging its surface.

When proper upset is achieved, the bulge that forms on the blind side of the parent material locks the fastener into place. These are easily installed using either manual or power tools.

Large Flange Rivet-Nuts "LF Series"
The oversized flange on the LF series Rivet-Nut provides the widest bearing surface & substantially higher push out values. The 360 degree contact between the parent material & Rivet-Nut creates a built in spacer on the top surface; a valuable tool when materials must be kept separate. Choose the LF Series when superior strength is required.
Large Flange Knurled Rivet-Nuts "LFK Series"
All the advantages of the LF series, but even better! The large flange on these Rivet-Nuts disguises common application flaws such as out of round or oversized holes. Axial knurls allow for better hole fill & significantly reduces spinning. LFK Rivet-Nuts offer the highest values for torque strength, pull out & push through. Knurls are designed to work in soft materials such as nylon, fiberglass, plastic, etc.
Small Flange Rivet-Nuts "SF Series"
Use a small flange Rivet-Nut when the lowest profile is desired. SF series Rivet-Nuts can also countersink without drilling a countersunk hole. No special tooling required, even the lightest hand tools will easily install these versatile fasteners. Available in aluminum or steel.
Small Flange Knurled Rivet-Nuts "SFK Series"

Similar to the SF Series, but offers higher torque values & better vibration resistance. The axial knurl provides better hole fill & therefore increases the rivet-nuts ability to retain its position in the parent material. Knurls are designed to work in soft materials such as nylon, fiberglass, plastic, etc.

Use the Rivet-Nut Capacity Chart to choose a series of hand tools & power tools that will work with your specified fastener.

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