Rivets offer a safe economical solution to many fastening problems. IFS fasteners can be installed in "blind" holes where there is no access to the backside of the work place. Installation is fast, tooling cost is low & operator productivity is high. No special skills or training is required to use rivets. Another way to save on operating costs. With IFS there is always a solution.
Commonly used in soft materials & fiberglass, this unique rivet when installed breaks into 3 separate bands. The load is evenly distributed & protects the integrity of these more fragile materials. Application flaws such as oversized holes can be corrected by using these rivets. Bulbex rivets can also be used in a broader range of material thickness & often eliminate the need to carry several sizes.
Closed End
Available in domed or countersunk heads, the closed end is exactly what it claims to be: closed on the end. Unlike the open end which exposes the nail on both top & bottom, the closed end literally covers the head of the nail creating a barrier between the front & back side of the application. Properly installed, closed end rivets are water & vapor resistant.
Multigrip rivets, like the closed end have their name for a reason. This versatile fastener can be used in "Multiple Grip Ranges". Most rivets have a grip range (the thickness of material it has the ability to clamp) that spans 1/8". This style often handles a range of more than ". When properly installed, multigrips can provide a weather-tight seal. Applications flaws such as oversized holes & varying material thickness can be disguised by using multigrips. Using this style can reduce inventory by replacing unnecessary sizes. IFS offers the broadest selection of multigrips in the industry.
Open End
Also referred to as "Break Stem" rivets, this style is the most widely used. They are simple to install & offer the best variety of material combinations. The flange (head) braces against the topside of the material while the rivet body forms a bulge on the backside, creating a tight clamp for two or more layers. For softer materials create a larger bearing surface with a "large flange" rivet, or use a washer to help absorb the impact from installation. Need a smooth surface? Choose a countersunk rivet. Will the rivet be in contact with food or exposed to moisture? Choose stainless steel.

Use the Rivet Capacity Chart to choose a series of hand tools & power tools that will work with your specified fastener.

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