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ArcOne has a wide veriety of head and face protection. Choose from protective and stylish eyewear including glasses and goggles, as well as hard hats, browguards and faceshields.
ArcOne's state-of-the-art helmets are optimally balanced and lightweight to reduce welder's fatigue. Choose from a variety of single or variable shade auto-darkening filter.
ArcOne's Xtreme auto-darkening filters have the largest viewing area in the world featuring sensitivity, delay, and grind modes. Available in a single shade 10.5 and a variable shade 9-12 or 7-14. The Industrial Xtreme features 3 LCDs for perfect optics and an external command center for shade selection.
Helmets that not only look good but are functional and dependable. Balanced and lightweight. Available in a variety of helmet designs with seven auto-darkening filters to choose from.

ArcOne's Passive Welding Helmets are tough, dependable and lightweight. Optimally balanced and lightweight helmet designs reduce welder's fatigue.

ArcOne's Singles
is the perfect general purpose auto-darkening filter. Great for Stick, TIG, and MIG welding. Available in a single shade 9,10, 11 or 12 in a light state of 2.5 (3 for shade 12).
A new patent pending technology that extends the total viewing area to an incredible 20 sq. in. while welding. That's 2 to 5 time more than other competitive products.

Infinite shade selection from 7 - 14 on the 4x5" & 5x4" and 9 - 13 on the 2x4" filters. A potentiometer on the outside of the helmet allows customized shade selection without the need to remove the helmet or gloves.
Select the I100 STS at 100 amps or the powerfull I200 STL at 200 amps. Both are lightweight and portable .
A complete line of NIOSH approved Powered Air Purifying (PAPR) and Supplied Air (SAR) Respiratory Systems designed and engineered to offer a high level of protection from particulates, fumes & vapors.
ArcOne’s Optiva 2000V and 2000VX variable shade auto-darkening welding filters offer infinite shade selection 9 -13 and a light state of 4 with an outside adjustment knob. The 2000VX features a delay & grind mode. Both models are built for MIG & Stick Welding. Great for the serious part-time welder or maintenance professional.
Select from five different auto-darkening welding filters with the highest level of UV/IR protection up to shade 16. Sensitivity, delay, & grind mode on select models.
Browguard, Faceshield, & Hardhat, Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Universal Headgear, Magnifying Lens, Sweatband, and Bandana.

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